Northern Nigeria Women in Peacebuilding Advocacy and Public Sensitization on Women, Peace & Security in Northern Nigeria


Advocacy and Public Sensitization on Women, Peace & Security in Northern Nigeria

UNWomen has been working in close collaboration with EU and other international organization to engage women in the peace process across Northern Nigeria. We were awarded with a UNWomen’s project to film, edit and produce 30 minuts documentary on women engagement on peace and security in Northern Nigeria. The key was to investigate and show the level of implementation of the 1325 resolution of the UN Communicate and the development of a 4-Year Strategic program Implemented by UN Women, in partnership with UNICEF and the Federal / State Ministries of Women Affairs and Social Development, with funding support by the European Union. We traveled to 3 states that were attacked by violence in the recent past (Gombe, Plateau and Adamawa) and the capital, Ayuba, to interview stakeholders, authorities and women involved in the development of the program in order to develop a narrative that explains the achievements, goals and challenges of the program.

  • Type


    On field shooting and editing

    Institucional video


  • Deliverables

    Documentary (more than 20')


    Full production

    Footage edition


  • Equipmment

    Zeiss Planar T* 50mm f/1.4

    Zeiss Distagon T* 35mm f/2.0

    Canon L 24mm f/1.4

    Canon TS 90mm f/2.8

    Canon 1Dx

    Canon 5D mkIII

    Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 ZE


A 30 minutes documentary for TV broadcast, developed in close collaboration with the UNWomen team in Abuja based in interviews with stakeholders, beneficiaries and partakers that conveyed all keypoints focusing on the 3 levesl of implementation of the program, home, village, state. We Interview the partakers in each level in a close an emphatic view, matched with images of the landscapes and a quiet sight of the enviroment that helps to transmit the message