Anthony Wanjau Anthony Wanjau thinking about his sculptures

Anthony Wanjau thinking about his sculptures

While we were filming in Kenya we met Anthony, a guy who drunk a hot brandy bottle as water. We were new in the country and we didn't knew that Anthony is a great artist, we were having fun aswell. Days after we remembered Anthony, a kind of person that you keep in your mind, in your nose, in your mouth, present as a sunlight. We wanted to met him again and talk about his sculptures and we actually discovered how his eyes nails in the wood as he nails his eyes in the bottle of hot brandy.

  • Type



  • Deliverables

    Short video (less than 5')

  • Equipmment

    Canon 5D mkIII

    Canon 50mm f/1.

    Canon 16-35mm f/2.8

    Canon 650D


“Sometimes, the wood speaks to me”